Crop My Pictures

Frequently asked questions and answers:

CROP MY PICTURES is a software programmed for quick and easy cropping and resizing of photographs and captured video frames to a smaller size. The cropped and resized thumbnails can be used in photo galleries or as avatars in message boards on Facebook, MySpace, social networks, ICQ, Skype, and many others...

What size are the photo or video crops?
You determine their size and number, the quantity is unlimited.

How long does it take to crop a large photo into 20 different thumbnails?
A couple of seconds.

What is the output file type?
The resulting crop is in JPEG.

How to use Crop My Pictures?
In this quick tutorial we will show you how to select, crop and cut multiple dimension thumbnails from photos or videos in just a few seconds. Check out the tutorial.

Can CROP MY PICTURES make crops of the FLV format?
Of course!

What movie formats does CROP MY PICTURES support?
The support depends on the codecs which you have installed. CROP MY PICTURES was successfully tested on AVI, MPEG, mpg and flv.

One license of CROP MY PICTURES is $24.95 (one-time fee) but right now you can benefit from an offer and get 10$ off on each license! Right now, one license is only $14.95!

On how many computers can I install CROP MY PICTURES?
If you buy one license of CROP MY PICTURES, you can instal it on a single computer, and if you want to use CROP MY PICTURES on two PC’s you have to buy two licenses, i.e. buy one license, use CROP MY PICTURES on one computer.

I want to buy CROP MY PICTURES now.
Just click here: BUY NOW

Do you offer quantity discounts?
Of course, contact us at

How can I pay for CROP MY PICTURES?
To buy CROP MY PICTURES you can go to our BUY NOW page. We currently support several payment options including credit cards and paypal.

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